Friday, January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday

What did you do to that poor cheetah?
Nice Leopard :)

It's kind of fun when an outfit solicits a bunch of comments, even if they're snarky. I recently got these boots in black and brown since my standard winter work outfit pretty much equals this look: skirt/tights/boots/hat. I have lots of hats and I like that, at least with long or longish hair, you can still have hairstyles (pony(ies), braid(s), down, up) and still keep your noggin warm. While I am comfortable in and like my winter dress code, I was just at the mall yesterday and it made me lust for the outfits of spring and summer (colors! dresses! no sleeves!). Until then however, I will cozy up in one of the best resale finds of all time. This Michael Kors jacket for $60. It's so soft, it's like wearing whipped cream.

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