Monday, June 25, 2012

Nicky Croon!

Saturday night was the 3rd Nicky Croon and the Swingin' Richards Show. We spent the morning getting a workout, had a nice lunch, and then came home to put the final touches on my dance before spiffing up to head downtown for the show!
Typical backstage antics as we start to get ready.

Evie danced:
I danced:
Kim danced:
John and Debbie (and the rest of the crowd) danced: Photobucket
and then we got to come back on stage for the final number and do a little step tapping together, just like the old days.

heart fingers.
JJ took a little video when Nic was warming up to my song, so here's my walk-through! fun!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 16 - out and about
oh, just a little Saturday trip in Eastern Oregon. No biggie. Photobucket
Day 17 - in your bag
Living out of a saddlebag requires a strategy, even if only for a weekend. Running clothes top an outfit for Saturday night and an extra shirt and my swimsuit, leaving room for my hoodie in case it's warm enough to ride without it (it was!).
Day 18 - something we don't know about you
I will generally tell you that the red in my hair is because my dad ate so many maraschino cherries but the truth is that I dye it. And aside from a hair style show I did a few years ago, I've never been to a hair salon.
Day 19 - imperfect
Pickles was short-changed in the tail department and the brain department but can run 100 mph if she suspects you might want to pick her up.
Day 20 - fave photo you've ever taken
I can't pick a favorite photo. However, the ones I keep going back to are ones where I like the composition, got a little bit lucky with light and timing, and that have a fun accompanying memory. Every time I look at this shot, I want to smile at my husband and go have an adventure.
Day 21 - where you slept
Day 22 - from a high angle
Our delightful little town as seen from City Grill. A must for any visitor.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vacation Training

Something about taking a 3000 mile trip on the motorcycle each summer is that you have to get your bod ready for many hours in the saddle.  The great thing about that is that in order to prepare for long days on the road, you have to spend some long days on the road!  We took off this weekend to do just that.  We hit Pendleton on Friday night to have dinner and do some city detox.  On Saturday morning, we went out for a jog on the awesome river path.  There is nothing like waking up early and walking out to a crisp spring morning with the smell of the desert and running along the river.  In addition to the neighborhood cats and squirrels, I saw a bunny, goats, pelicans, and deer on my Saturday and Sunday runs. Photobucket
We fueled up - gas for the bike and coffee for us - and hit the road. We drove through farmland, up into the hills and into areas where traffic is light and the stops are beautiful. Photobucket
We came up through Enterprise and Joseph, which offers beautiful views of the Wallowa mountains. Photobucket

After a lunch break, we drove to Imnaha, where we met a way-to-friendly crazy lady, and then down to Hells Canyon.

From there, we started to head back towards a population center, stopping only when we had to wait for the cows to let us through. Photobucket
Our weather was perfect and we could not have had a more beautiful day to spend 9 hours on the bike. Photobucket
Once back in town, we switched the bike seat for some bar stools, had a nice dinner and a bit of dancing. Photobucket

Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 9 - your view today
Tank cleaning day. plus helpers.
Day 10 - Best bit of your weekend
A weekend at home allowed me lots of things. Some minor home improvements, cleaned the floors, cleaned all the fishtanks, did some fish re-stocking, had fun with friends, got to do some crafting and ran 7 miles in my new dance shoes to break them in. The best bit though is that if anyone asks tomorrow, I will say that I went to Dick's, got some caulk, and hung out at The Wet Spot.
Day 11 - door
Apparently the young artist down the street is doing the same challenge list as I am.
Day 12 - from a low angle
I love downtown.
Day 13 -art
PBR-agami spontaneously crafted by the talented Jen Woffinden
Day 14 - time hit the showers.
Day 15 - yellow
What's your favorite color, bee?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 2 - empty

Day 3 - on your plate
Morels picked yesterday, fresh corn on the cob and BBQ'd steak. also, pictured: delicious Tempranillo

Day 4 - close-up
I am surprised how well this little buddy posed for his picture. He probably needed a new shot for his Facebug profile.

Day 5 - sign
I admit we did this. Someone had to.

Day 6 - hat
Good ol' Buck ♥ He was the best horse ever and I actually think he liked wearing his hat.

Day 7 - drink
Body Blitz months make Thursday beers taste extra good. Cheers to my students.

Day 8 - six o'clock
At six o'clock, I ate a shoe shaped cookie while my husband got new pants for his new svelte self.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dance friends are the best friends

I've said many times how grateful I am for the chance to be a part of Vega. There is something special about dance friends. We're typically nice, fun girls who get along with our moms. I'm Facebook friends with many of the girls I grew up dancing with and there's a sisterhood there that we will never lose. I have a very special relationship with my burlesquing buddies, and we will probably still giggle over our shared stories when we're old fancy ladies drinking champagne and talking through some group chat or future hen party technology mechanism. There's also some acquaintances who are dancer I've met only a few times who are friends on Facebook and we share a comradery with our shared backgrounds.  Right now, I also have a fun little group of students and this is my Facebook wall from this morning.

AJ: 1. I am not going to start calling you my personal trainer. Like, "Shannon, my personal trainer, killed my glutes this morning, so I won't be taking the stairs." and/or "My personal trainer, Shannon, said I could have a beer." 2. Morning highs are not as high when it's pissing rain outside. Even still... I am feeling pretty good. 

AP Oh no, she is sooo my personal trainer! I don't know about you, but I'm official addicted to Body Blitz! Love ya Shannon! Lol! :D 

AJ ‎^ addicted to a lot of things that Shan has brought to my life. Also, 

AJ ‎3. Does doing Power June make leg hair grow faster? It seems like yes. :\ 

SS are you just saying that because you noticed mine this morning? if so, thanks for pointing that out. I blame my impending period. 

SS You can call me your personal trainer as long as you say "awesome* personal trainer." and you can totally have a beer. (*may replace "awesome" with "hot" or "funny" but not "hairy legged") 

AJ HAHAHA no I'm just saying that bc I can't keep up with my own oldgrowth forest right now. Should we frenchbraid or what? 

AJ ‎(deal.) 

SS I have always wanted to learn those fishtail braids. maybe while we're stretching... 

SS also, I am awarding myself ten points for "Power June" 

AJ Oh, the fishtail I know. Sisterwives, here we come. "I am going to fishtail braid my awesomely hot personal trainer and my leg hairs together while we are stretching."

Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 26 - 12 o'clock
By 12, we'd made it to the woods, gotten a great start to our mushroom pile and cracked a beer.
Day 27 - something sweet
A road beer on the way to town after a successful day in the forest.

Day 28 - the weather today
While most of the day in Portland was gray, I woke up with the sun in Pendleton.

Day 29 - a number
Each birthday, John runs as may minutes as his age. Last year was 42. I'm going to laugh at him when he's 90.

Day 30 - your personality
I'm fun and funny and maybe a bit of a flirt.

Day 31 - something beautiful
I was running early in the morning and focusing on the rainbow's end on the other side of the road, when I turned around and saw that it arched across the whole sky, I literally stopped in my tracks. I love the bright colors against and sagebrush and stormy sky.

Day 1 - morning
I love waking up early and running as the sun comes up.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - part 3

I woke up early on Sunday morning and was going to head out for a jog. I looked out the window and it was dry with no wind. By the time I got ready to go, the wind was blowing the trees and rain was pouring down. 10 minutes later, it passed and I took off down the road. As I got out of town, I noticed a beautiful rainbow on my right. I ran until I could frame it with the silo of grain at the end. A pot of gold, right? Photobucket
I kept running until it felt like it was time to turn around and when I did, I saw that the rainbow from the other side as well! So gorgeous. Photobucket
I love how this looks like the tree is being pushed askew by the awesome force of the rainbow. Photobucket Photobucket
Back in town, I could see the whole arch. Photobucket Rainbows make everything look magic. Photobucket
I ran into John in town and we drove out to take a couple more pics . magic. Photobucket