Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tonight is the last of night of the Sugar Q production of Spanktasia. This show run has been amazing. I've mentioned before how awesome it is to have a weekly show to put a little pizazz in each week and that part just never gets old. We've had great crowds and I love all the routines. and the costumes. Every costume is fabulous. While I feel the the time has come for this show to be over, I'm going to have a hard time not putting on my Mad Hatter costume on a regular basis. If you see me wearing it around town, just act like that's totally normal.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Every Memorial Day since we've been together, John and I have gone mushroom hunting. We hunt for morels (no, not the trippy kind). John's family always did this when he was growing up and it was kind of a litmus test for coupledom. Would I like hunting? Would I be any good at it? Would I like the taste of the mushrooms once we found them? yes, yes, and yes! Funny enough, the first time we went out hunting with his folks, his dad teased me about being accepted in the family based on my mushroom hunting ability. I want both Judy men to note that this weekend I found: The first mushroom, the biggest mushroom, and the most mushrooms.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Long Weekend!

We are heading out with BFF couple for a fun weekend of suntanning and swimming and making delicious food and drinking many beers. We're also going to go check and see if the morel crop has popped up yet. Our evenings will likely include board games and dares involving nudity on the golf course. I'll probably do a little jog each morning and my ab workout will be from laughing.

Spring has sprung in our front yard!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worth figuring how to record on the DVR

Just because I'll be out dancing does NOT mean that I'll miss the dancing.

I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like everyone I know who's seen it...

i LOVED Star Trek.

and I was glad that I watch Lost so that I was already ready for the time travel.

We went to Cinetopia and watched it in HD in the Living Room theater while we drank a Mirror Pond. It was awesome.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Now usually when I go out with Kimberly it turns into a night similar to what is described here. Both of our men were working on Friday night and we took that opportunity to pamper ourselves and go out for dinner. We met at her work and went to the spa. We got to be in the same room and chat while we got massages. We decided to head down to the waterfront for dinner and the weather was gorgeous. We sat outside at a cute little wine bar and had the best pinot gris i've ever had and then went to the Pilsner Room (I know its something else now, i can never remember the name) and got to sit outside there too! Awesomely enough, the waiter carded me and not her. and I'm four years older. a lifetime of teasing! we had a lovely dinner and watched the lights come on around the city. We felt like we were on a vacation, without having to leave town. We talked and laughed and caught up and just really had a nice time. and for maybe the first time ever, didn't even come home hammered.

Yesterday, John and I decided to go on a date too so we went out to Astoria. We hopped on the motorcycle and had a gorgeous ride up there, some delicious lunch, and then came back to Portland, stopping at our favorite spots on the way home.

My life rules.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vacation recap

I started to put pictures together for this update and I just have too many to post. I'm not very good at trimming it down and recapping the trip without completely sidetracking and ending up with a novel instead of a blog post. So instead, I'll sum it up with some simple stats:

Rental car: Dodge Avenger (meh)
Best thing about rental car: satellite radio
Places we slept: Pendleton, Owyhee Reservoir (in a tent), Ontario, Burns, Prineville,
Percentage of days we had good coffee: 100 (wow!)
Favorite road snack: Lunchables
Fish caught: about 300 (we didn't keep them all)
Mushrooms found: 0
Number of bars we hung out in with animal heads on the wall: 2
Number of bartenders who told me that the drink I ordered (tomato juice and vodka) sounded gross: 2
Times that snowy roads made us turn around: 1
Animals we saw from the car: Deer, antelope, elk, bobcat, hawk, vulture
Videos taken of John dancing: 1
Things that I ate/drank my weight in: corn, Coors Light, tacos
Friends who hung out on our porch while we were gone and got drunk and left us flowers: 2
Times I washed my hair: 0

Friday, May 8, 2009

Off to a good start....

why we love to become regulars wherever we go...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A crotch conundrum

Every time I flip through our Cycle Gear catalog, I can't help but be confused by the design of the men's full piece suits. If I was a guy who wanted an entire suit made of leather so that I could go ride my bike very fast, I am guessing that I would want to feel hella manly when I put it on. But as a girl looking at the picture of the suit, I can't help but notice that the "manliest" section of the suit is kind of, well, minimizing.
I've seen so many that look like that, that I thought maybe it was essential to the design, until I saw this woman's version, where it looks like she's packing her purse down there.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Potentially controversial.

We had friends from out of town come through last week and stay with us. One thing they wanted to do before hitting the road was swing by Costco to pick up a GPS unit. Now, JJ and I are not Costco shoppers. John knew where one was though, so off we went. It was readily apparent that Costco certainly doesn't need our shopping dollars to survive. That place was packed. and no offense to those of you who shop there, but the people were weird. And the lines to check out took about half the store. As we followed our friends through the masses, I swear one lady would have actually run me over with her cart if she thought I was going to cut in her line. We were scared. Our friends waited in the line. we waited outside....