Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wanna grab a beer after dance?

more often than not, we end up something like this...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the grace of a dancer

I was walking to the hair salon yesterday (my first time to a salon EVER!) with the goal of doing my first round of choreography for class on the way. I had gone through the song to the point I plan on stopping at a few times and felt pretty good about knowing what the base moves will be so that I should be able to hammer the details out quickly in front of a mirror. Feeling confident about it, I was just bopping along to the rest of the song, which is "Trouble" by P!nk. It came to the part in the song "if you see me coming down the street" and as if on que, i tripped.

all those years of ballet.....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

completely horrified....

"Hmmm, a $10 shot. What's a 'Gold Rush'"

"Its three shots: 2 of Quervo Gold and one goldfish."

"No way, you're kidding right?"

he was not.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekending with JJ/SS

Friday, 2:30ish: Ditch out of work and hop on the motorcycle. Drive to Pendleton. Its hot out, and the gorge is beautiful.

Friday, 6ish: Check into hotel, get recognized by hotel lady and get the awesome repeat customer discount. Take a quick dip in the pool. Shower and go have the coldest beer ever at Hamleys and have an awesome dinner. Regular local bar is closed for deep cleaning. Recomended bar Crabby's has Chip and Dale dancers with a $20 cover. We laugh as we do not stay at Crabby's and instead wind up at local bar with jukebox. This particular jukebox will take your money and will usually play a song from the cd that you selected, but not necessarily the song you picked. oh well. time to go home. quck hot tub before bed, then bed.

Saturday morning: Oatmeal at the hotel and then head out on the search for coffee. end up on the longest walk ever and wish we would have worn our shorts. Stop by Red's Clothing store to see if he has my size in the rhinestone cowgirl boots i lusted after a couple weeks ago. nope. "girls 'round here have been comin' in with size 10s and 11s..." but you can order them, got his card to do so.

11:ish: back to the hotel and swam for a while. hungry. found a cute little lunch place on morning walk and went back to check it out. split a roast beef sandwich and had some pinot gris. decided i may as well go have Red order my boots cuz i know i'm going to want them. while there, i fell in love with a pink leather cowgirl jacket. blaming the love on the pinot, i have him hold it for me to think about. head back to hotel to change.

12:ish: Water slides!!! Pendleton has the awesomest public pool ever! $4. we had a BLAST! curvy slides, drop off slide, high dive and low dive and a lap pool. (i did 3, John did 1. But he did the high dive and I did not.)

2:ish: river! last time we were there, we found the best river spot ever. even though it was 90 something, we were the only ones there (well, except the fishes and muskrats) and had the river totally to ourselves!

3:30ish: who was I kidding, go back to get pink leather coat (it was on clearance, i had to). JJ falls victim as well and purchases leather vest that he's talked about getting for the last two years. He looks like a bad ass motorcycle dude. or a gay prostitute.

4:30ish: beer time! beers lead into dinner and wine... then back to Crabby's, sans Chip & Dales, for evening boozing. Owen Wilson look-a-like is bartending. Make new friend in rodeo clown, Taylor.

10:ish: hot tub. bed.

Sunday morning: oatmeal at hotel and off for the coffee search. a little river walk and then back to the hotel to pack it up.

11:ish: roll out of town, homeward bound.

1:ish: sandwich and wine in tiny town on columbia highway... can't remember the name.

4:ish: Tippy Canoe beers. tradition.

5:ish: come home, happy and tan and tired. shower, dinner, movie.


Friday, July 25, 2008

and because i am an equal opportunity fun maker of-er...

Come on, Jess....

It could have been worse. You could've been poor Joe:

or Evie...

I Tennesee you in my dreams

(i can't claim that clever little title, its a Tanya Tucker song :))

So yesterday I thought I was going to die, had to cancel my hair appt (BOO!) and have officially been added to Appendicitus Scare '08. I blame whatever is going on in my abdomen on what went on in my head last night while sleeping:

We were all rehearsing for Jessica's wedding, where she was going to be serenaded by all her freinds. This serenade was "The search is over" (by Survivor) and was complete with hand gestures. Also, everyone was wearing big turquoise dresses, even Jessica. We were singing the song and doing the hand gestures and there was a part where we were supposed to turn to our partners in the line and mine was Kim. Every time we looked at each other, we started giggling and Jessica would glare at us and yell "Start Over!" also, when she turned to glare, her hair would swoosh into her face and Kim and I would laugh more. While we were serenading her one side of the line was supposed to lift her in the air and we were all supposed to put our hands up there to pass her butt across the whole line, finally delivering her to Cyrus's arms... cut to the next morning where Kim and I were sleeping in Evie's bed (I don't know if there was any funny business, but husband and boyfriend were not in this dream !) Evie walks in wearing a baggy muscle shirt, no pants and smoking a cigarette and has really bad hair. She starts telling us that she was talking to Joe telling him that summer is almost over and they should start trying new things before it was fall and they never had a chance. Joe said that was a great idea and the thing new that he wanted to try? sleeping in a night shirt. So Evie went over to the bed Kim and I were in and pulled out this little wicker box of the night shirts she had purchased for Joe and Kim and I told her how cute they were. Then we got up to go to Vega. the end.

Maybe if I would have made it to the salon, you guys could have at least had cute hair in the dream.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Miss Muffet was a wuss.

For the past two days, I have had a little spider trying to make a happy home right in front of my steering wheel. I noticed him the other day while I was driving and it was interesting to watch him drop on his spidey string, mess around with it for a while and then like magic, pull right back up. he was pretty industrious and i didn't really see what harm would come of him using the Hyundai for a campground. plus it was cool to watch. When I was driving home from dance last night he blew out the window. probably a good thing, since it would be hard to explain if i got in a wreck. um, i was watching my car spider?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Generation Gap?

I have been out jogging three times this week. Each time I have passed someone (different someones) with their headphones on, singing at the top of their lungs. I find that odd. is that the new this:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eely Eelerton

I was dubbed "fishgirl" years ago... I'm a fishkeeper, aquarist, one who has fish... as much as I love going into the details of my hobby, i'm not going to do it right now. I am going to introduce one of the family! This particular wet one captures the heart of most visitors and is quite popular. I found her in a fish store about 6 years ago. I went towards the back where the tanks looked empty and spotted her. The store people didn't know she was there. She was about 5 inches long then. I think I offered them $5 for her.... She's a fire eel. today she is a proud 28 inches long and her favorite pastimes include having snacks and hanging out in the eel tube. Her favorite snacks are shrimp and crickets. She enjoys meeting people, in case they have snacks, and will absolutely bite your finger.. hard. because if it comes off, it will definitely be a snack...

Miss Eely Eelerton:

This is the "please give me a snack" look...

PS: I don't know that she's a she, but she looks like a she to me.


I'm having a hard time concentrating on my to-do's today... Maybe because work is boring, although I usually find more interest in doing it than I am finding today. As I sit here going through random pictures I start to think that maybe I need one of those, um, what do you call them? Days off.. yes, I need a day off. In the middle of the week with nothing to do. Maybe I'll go volunteer somewhere. No, I won't. I will shop.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


We've spent every weekend this month on the bike. Now John and I do pretty stellar road trips in a car, but here's what i think is great about the bike:

we touch the whole time. also, I can lean forward to give John a hug whenever I want. He can also reach back to give me a thigh squeeze whenever he wants to. both of these are awesome.

we take the road less travelled, always. on the bike, its even more fantastic. everything around us is open. we're in it.

that means all the smells can be smelled... forest, crops, harvests, watering, fires, lawn mowing, bbqing, russian olves, etc.

sounds. first, the bike, it sounds amazing. second, if we're by a river, we can hear it. a waterfall, we hear it. airplanes, yes. tractors, yes. birds, cows, yep. nothingness? we hear the motorcycle.

stopping to take pictures and taking pictures from the road.

u turns

it doesn't matter where you go. the journey is the whole point.

motorcyclists, like old farmers, always wave at each other.

you have to pack everything you want in your saddlebag. its incredibly freeing.

you don't have to figure out what you are going to wear in the morning, to dinner, etc. (see above)

if its warm, you get great arm tans. if its not, you get to wear chaps and leather jackets.

i love my harley davidson boots.

a tube top is totally appropriate attire.

the look of envy in someone's eye as we roll up and he is loading his family into his SUV.

when we see road signs to the next town, the only concern is where the gas level is at.

we usually get 40-50 MPG.

spending the day on the bike makes food and beer taste exceptionally well.

kids are fascinated when we pass.

if i need to, i can get my choregraphy done while i'm back there.

not everyone gets it. being a biker is cool. michelle pfeiffer thinks so too:

Friday, July 18, 2008


When we were growing up, we shared a cabin with another family, the Moffits. We would all meet there in the summer (they had 4 kids, we had 3) and boat and hang out at the lake. It was great fun. Even typing this, my brain can remember the smell of the cabin when we'd first walk in and also the smell of pancakes on the griddle in the morning. 7 kids, that's a lot of pancakes..... We would go out in our boats together and sometimes we would go over to a beach we liked, dubbed "Sandy Bay." We could play in the shallow part of the water and had to stay on the shore and not venture back too far onto the land. The reason is that Steve (Moffit dad) warned us of the Wampus Cats that lived back there that would sometimes snack on young kids. Every once in a while after we'd spent the afternoon on that beach and were packing up, we'd hear one of the Wampus Cat screams and we'd know it was time to get packed up and head back home.

proof that Steve would never have lied to us:
A Wampus Cat is a cryptid cougar-like feline. According to eyewitness accounts, a Wampus Cat is about 5'-6' in height, and can be detected by its strange, pungent musk. Its cry is similar to a cougar's yeowl, but sounds moreso like a woman's scream. It has stripes, gold eyes, and plenty of sharp teeth and claws. Much like the Chupacabra, their favorite food is goats and other livestock. When detected or startled, a Wampus Cat will stand upright and run on its hind legs.
According to folklore, Wampus Cats are semi-aquatic, and spend a lot of time in river bottoms. Locals would tell their kids not to dangle their feet over the bridges because the Wampus Cat would bite their legs and drag them into the water.

John and I are going to be out in a boat tomorrow and if we go on land, I'll be keeping my eyes and ears peeled. Even though Steve told us they liked to snack on kids, it doesn't mean they don't like a grown up now and then....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

totally awesome

I have had two people send me this video saying that it reminds them of me and my class.

kind of makes you want to take my class, doesn't it?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ah man!!!

So i fell in love with this pair of boots (rhinestone! cowgirl! boots!) in Pendleton and the shop was closed so I could not go try them on and inevitably buy them. So I came home to the trusty interweb to try to locate them on my own. the problem with that is that I have found many other boots that now I also want. how awesome would I be in these bad boys?

i mean they're called roper rockstars. come on.

"we haven't seen you guys forever!"

i know. we've been here:

Monday, July 14, 2008

One thing I forgot about the rodeo...

This guy was there....

Oh wait... the zoom..

that's a lot of spit and twistin', right there...

mutton bustin'

mutton bustin' (no, not busting, bustin') is a rodeo activity where parents allow their children to be put on the backs of sheep and the sheep, with the child on its back, is let lose into the arena. as you might guess, the sheep tries its best to rid itself of this newfound, often bedazzled, tumor on its back. the goal of the child is to stay on the back of that sheep for 6 seconds (2 seconds less than the "8 second ride" for the grown cowboys). hilarity ensues.

Inspired by the young wranglers at last weeks rodeo in Vale, I decided to give it a shot for myself this weekend:


PS: i stole the images above from a google search. except the last one, i stole that from john.

Friday, July 11, 2008

peer pressure

all the cool people i know have these little blogs.

this is me copying them.

and Jessica is going to be very impressed at the amount of non-work i have done today because of choosing to spend my time setting this up instead.