Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Friday

One little spot of sun on this rainy week! No surprises here: Red and black, tights and boots (plus socks!), cute skirt... ready, set, go!
The sweater is a little $12 gem from Forever 21 that already has a cost per wear of about $1. The skirt is a hand-me-down from Kim, the earrings are old ones of my moms.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have become one of those people who loves Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion Friday

On my shopping quest last weekend, I was on the hunt for some new fall tights. I needed brown and navy, but was thrilled to stumble across this awesome brick red pair! They were at Ross for $1.99, which makes me love them even more! These boots are also a recent Ross score and they are so comfy I could wear them every day. I also love how tall they are and they are super warm.
I know that I dress in red about 90% of the time, but I love how it looks with the oranges and yellows (and still some green!) of fall.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rug Bug

In our ongoing effort to make sure our new kitties are well adjusted and happy, we have a house full of cat paraphernalia. I came home with a cute little toy from Ross the other day and managed to catch this hilarity on video.

I come home with new toy: Rug Bug. Open package and set toy on floor. Pickles immediately comes over, swats at the ears and then picks it up and carries it across the room to where she had been sitting. I moved it back to it's original place and grabbed my camera...

I was sure she dropped it on the stairs, but curiously pushed play again to see how far it got...

I couldn't believe she carried it all the way up to the cat room! (which was my office before the cat take-over) Apparently, the Rug Bug is staying, and it belongs to Pickles. Since then, we move Rug bug down to the living room every morning and watch to see where it ends up by evening :) The only bad thing about Rug Bug is that ever since it's come in to our lives, this song has been in my head.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bachin' it

On my Saturday of my husband-free weekend, I woke up and grabbed a quick jog and had some coffee and then headed out for a day of girl shopping. I made wonderful purchases of a new dust buster, tights and new running shoes. Oh, and new lipstain. I love that stuff. I also took two shopping breaks for pumpkin spice lattes. yum. When I got home, I put on the country music station and had a beer while I did a framing project. Kitty helped.
Then, taking advantage of the weather being nice enough to take my socks off, I painted my toes...
I had a little dance party while they dried.
Right about now, you are thinking I'm weird for photographing this, but I was keeping in touch with Husband throughout the day and we were sharing pictures back and forth of our goings on...
Cheers! I love you!
After I made myself a delicious dinner for one, I curled up on the couch and had a girls night chick flick movie marathon. I figured out how to make the old vcr work and picked two favorites from my VHS collection: Practical Magic and Ever After. The kitties slept through most of it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bush Whacker Massacre

This weekend, John went on a weekend man-venture with some friends and spent the weekend sailing. In typical girl fashion, I was excited to shop and clean! On Friday afternoon, I took advantage of the sunny day and busted out my new bush trimmer! (insert joke here, I know...) You guys!!! It saved so much time!!! There is a big bush that has to be trimmed back every year and last year it took me about 2 hours. With my spiffy new bush trimmer (lol) it took about 20 minutes! and it only took that long because at one point, I have to balance on top of the recycling container to reach the top. Then, using my newfound power, I turned that bitch sideways and whacked through the damn irises that John won't let me cover with pavement grow beautifully in the spring. I had to leave the very tall sunflowers, even though they tend to want to flop over to the sidewalk.
While I was patting myself on the back for all my hard work, Husband was kicking back on Puget Sound....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion Friday

"OMG, I love your boots!" ..times about ten :) apparently, these are good boots because I heard that all day. I just ordered them last week (for $34, score) and I told Kim today they'd almost paid for themselves in compliments! I put on the gray and black (same basics as here) and the outfit needed ...something. I grabbed this scarf, not really expecting it to look right it at all, but I actually loved it. The scarf is a gorgeous mix of turquoise and rust and red, perfect fall colors. It was a perfect pop of color to the black and gray, another good fall combo.
...and then I realized it DID match! It matched my wedding and turquoise rings!


This is not a post full of pictures and fun anecdotes of our new kitties (which will come, inevitably. But they are still getting adjusted and I'm waiting for their personalities to balance out a little first. We did give them names though!)

I made John drive around the block so I could take a picture of this cute little cat napper.....
This is our kitty, Toki. I've always wanted a cat who was interested enough in the fish to do this :)
This adorable smooshed face kitty was watching me walk home from work and I was awesomely surprised she let me take her picture...

...and here's our couch on a typical night. Toki and Pickles piled up, holding paws.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

kind of embarassing...

I've had a slow leak in one of my tires for at least 6 months. I've stopped by Les Schwab 4 or 5 times to have them fill it up and finally decided to get it fixed before winter. We drove to Les Schwab and dropped my car off on Saturday morning and jogged to the coffee shop about ten minutes away. Just as I walked into the coffee shop, they called me to tell me my car was done and ready to pick up. Seriously, it took 10 minutes. I can't believe how long I put it off and how many times I took the "shortcut" by just having them fill it up.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Home bodies

We tend to go, go, go most weekends, but every once in a while we chill out and stay home. This was one of those weekends, and I loved it. We had some drinks and John watched tv and played on the internet while I cleaned my tanks... Fishgirl in action...
I think I mentioned it before, but John got a new phone, the Wife Replacer 5000 (lovingly referred to as the WR5K) and he was playing around with the photo app that's documented most of our life for the last two weeks... Its kind of funny that my head is cut off, but you can see how rockin' buff I am, so I put it up anyway. I also kind of love that the girl on the wall behind looks like she's posing with me...
After that, we went out to get Thai food and came back home to watch a movie and curl up with the kitties.

On Sunday, we made a big batch of veggies and meat, threw it in the crockpot, and went for a couple beers...
Then home again for stew and wine....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fashion Friday

Whoa, holy stepping out of my comfort zone, batman! This oddly shaped shirt is something very different for me but that was one of my goals with this little costume change outfit documentation project. Not only does it have the skirt-y bottom, but it also has cap sleeves, something I normally shy away from. However, it's nice and soft and I think that it hangs nicely. Plus, it matches the random blue cowgirl boots. and this van parked by the bus stop.
Husband took this picture with his new phone, aka the Wife Replacer 5000. On Tuesday, he came over to my desk and told me he was taking off to catch the bus. I left about 10 minutes later to catch mine. It was super crowded. When I got off at our stop, I exited the front of the bus and lo and behold, John was getting off the back. Upon seeing that I matched the conveniently parked van, I had him do a quick snapshot for the ol' blog.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gun Fingers...

The latest from Tease and Tone!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


If you couldn't guess from my clever kitty ring clue yesterday, we got two new kitties!!! We have a giant hole in our hearts and a quiet house since the meow-ligator passed away. We had been planning to wait until after our Mexico trip to get a new kitty, but the other day when we were looking at a picture of two cats and I jokingly said to John "Can I have 2 kitties?" I think he surprised himself when he said yes, and we started talking about it. Two would mean that we wouldn't feel so bad leaving on vacation (as we tend to do) and come on, kitties are fun. We took a trip to the Humane Society and ended up coming home with these lovely ladies.
The black and white cat is the daughter of the other one and is very attached to her. She is super shy and is going to take a while to come out of her shell. They came from a home situation where the man had a stroke and then stayed with a brother for a while, but it didn't work out with his cats. and then to the Humane Society (which is a great place, but the kitties are crowded in there). So we will have a bit of an adjustment period. The good news is that once we get them both together on the couch, sometimes after a trip on my hands and knees to the very smallest hiding spot in my closet, they turn into perfect little kitties.
We're still working on names... For now, they're Kitty.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashion Friday

This outfit is basically the fall version of this one. The tank is nice and heavy, so works well for a fall piece and I love it's silhouette with the ruffle skirt and low belt. I simply swapped my shoes for boots and added tights. This brown jacket is an old one of my mom's and I just adore it. It's fitted and light and perfect for in-between weather. To top it off, I wore my favorite hand-me-down necklace of Amy's and a big brown bag. I also like the all black clothes paired with all brown accessories (except the belt, which has both, ta da!)