Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Product Placement

Now that cold season is beginning, you might want to grab a box of this stuff... Detox tea will fix you right up if you start to drink it the minute that you feel that sore throat starting. I mix mine with the Anti-Oxidant tea just to get a double dose. I don't have time to get sick and this helps ensure that I don't. Also, there is a bonus.

If, for instance, you happen to be out late with Kimberly and you guys end up going to the strip club and drinking whiskey with a guy in a wheelchair and come stumbling home, arm in arm, and singing, and if you wake up the next morning still drunk, and you drink Detox tea right away, you will ease into the day and end up feeling fine while poor Kimberly has to come home from work sick.

PS: I get these in the health food section at Freddie's.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Form, Function or does it even matter?

Do I have to justify why I bought these, other than the fact that they're awesome? Because they can totally hold a couple necklaces and that makes them good for visible storage.

and they were purple.
PS: I added the glitter.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dear Heavenly Spies,

Happy Finale! Break a nail!!!!

If you are a Seatte-lite, get your ass to the Can-Can to see this show!


um Mindy.....

you were sick and you got Evie sick and now i'm trying to get sick.

if you ate cilantro, you probably never would have gotten sick in the first place and none of this would've happened.

Fast forward

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


After a late night practice, followed by a little rock and roll, I came home and took all the stuff out of my bag and put it on the floor... I awoke this morning to a sparkly pile of costumes glistening in the sun... The wine bottle made it look like all the frilly underthings had had a big party in my dressing room...

If you'd like to witness the wine bottle in action, it will be performing at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge (39th and Hawthorne) every Thursday in October :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Like a tiny sequin mountain range...

or the teepees of the most fabulous little indians ever.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear Mindy,

Cilantro is delicious.


Caught up

As you may or may not know, I have awesome photo albums. We take lots of pictures, and I put all of our captured adventures into albums so that we can go back and look through them whenever we want! Here's my photo album bookcase (its actually only part of the whole album collection):

This summer has been busier than usual, so I was a little behind on my albums. I was caught up to June. I usually try to make sure that I update at the end of every month. So anyway, for a couple weeks I have been going through the summer's pictures and selecting and editing the ones for the album. I got them printed on Friday (217 of them) and spent the evenings of the weekend getting them all sorted and cut and into albums. YAY! a little part of my OCD is calmed for today..

Let's do this: grab random photo album:

Oh yeah, the covers of my albums are random magazine clippings and sometimes photos all clustered together in whatever is inspiring me on the day I make the cover....
2005 (2). That means is the second album of 2005. Lets open to a random page in the album:

ooh, Molalla Rodeo. good pick. also, a page where I have one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. Lower right, cowboys waiting their turns... I was hanging sideways through a fence, probably looking pretty ridiculous, to get this pic. the one on the top was my first try, the one on the bottom, i crawled through the fence again, but closer this time :) totally worth it.

I like this random album, random page idea. Do you have photo albums? your turn.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The scenic route....

We've crossed the state on 84 many, many, many times.... every once in a while, we hop over and cross it 14 instead. It's funny how different everything looks from the other side.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Office Assistant

Help wanted: I work from home but some days just get too busy for me! I am looking for a part time office assistant. Duties include: telling me stories, laying in the sun, regular patrols around the room to inspect for anything out of the ordinary, and occasionally hopping on the desk to get in the way of my typing. Benefits include snacks. Napping on the job is required.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Frog Model See Through

I was going to stop by the Dollar Store the other night on the way home to pick up some ribbon and J asked me to pick him up a present while I was there. Now, the dollar store is full of very good presents, but this was the clear winner (so to speak ;)):

Frog Model See Through.... Educational! for Science! as you can see, Frog Model See Through is in fact, see through and is full of candy colored organs! His back is a hatch back, so he can be opened up and those organs removed and studied. For Science! There was also a handy chart on the back so you can learn and recognize these organs!! how handy is that?!

We revelled in the joy of the toy in its package for a few days before we opened it. When we freed Frog Model See Through from his packaging and opened up the hatchback, we discovered that all those organs are not as easily put together as one might envision. That damn central nervous system always falls over! Although, I think its mostly because of a faulty connection between the bladder and the large intestine (which probably is pretty uncomfortable for Frog Model See Through). We're pretty happy with the trade of $1 for this fabulous toy and are thinking that maybe since those organs can't stay in order, we might just remove them all and replace them with M&Ms.
If you're lucky, maybe we'll mail you one of the organs.

Friday, September 12, 2008


When we moved into our house about 5 years ago, there was a neighborhood cat who used to hang out on our porch. This cat also hung out on other porches, but seemed to like ours the best. She did not, however, like us. She would run any time anyone came up the porch steps or out the door, but we'd look out there and see her huddled up, trying to stay warm in the winter. We put out a covered litter box with towels on the bottom in hopes that she'd move in there to at least stay warm and we started feeding her. She did eventually move into the box. She still wasn't interested in us. We started trying to make friends and very slowly, she started to accept that friendship. Its literally taken years... This summer we made pretty good progress. Its gone from her only running from us sometimes when we try to pet her to pretty much letting us pet her whenever we offer. We are hoping to avoid her having to be outside all winter and are trying to coax her into the house, or at least let her know she is welcome in the house. So we've been giving her wet cat food and milk in the house. Its doing the trick. we started with just putting it inside the door and now we put it clear in the other room. We started leaving the front door open and now she'll come into the living room and meow until we give her some snacks. The first couple times we closed the door behind her she totally freaked out. Now, she's reluctantly learning to use the cat flap in the back to get out when she finds herself trapped. A couple times when we've been watching tv, she's come up to the couch, hopped up, and hung out on our laps, much to our surprise. She even purrs. The other night when I was making our props, she started playing with the ribbon. I think we have ourselves a kitty.

She was always just the kitty on the porch so we've always referred to her as Little Black Kitty, or LBK.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We just ordered cute little French Maid outfits for our next performance and I made these fabulously sparkly feather dusters for our prop! (as you can see, LBK helped) Speaking of that, Sugar Q will be at the Hawthorne Theatre Lounge every Thursday in October. This show is going to be awesome and you should probably plan to come. :) maybe you'll get feather dusted....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

you know what?

this is just freakin' adorable.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hot or Not?

Usually, John and I pretty much agree on my fashion choices. Even when I ask him which of two options he likes better and I wear the one he doesn't pick, we basically agree on good looks and bad looks. Except for this swimsuit. I packed it to wear in the pool at our hotel last weekend. Unfortunately, the top comes down as soon as I try to swim. But its great for suntanning. I am going to sew a neck strap to it and that should take care of that issue. For swimming this weekend though, I just wore my black top with it and that looked good too! (yes, we were on the motorcycle for two days and I brought two swimsuits) I think its awesome. John thinks its an abomination and kept telling me I looked like a Duran Duran video. What do you think?

a) You're right, its AWESOME! even better that you can mix and match with it!
b) John's right, send it back to the 80's.
c) Maybe with the black top, its too much with both pieces..
d) Its kind of cute, but only because you have 30 other swimsuits
e) um, where the hell did you find that and why on earth did you buy it?!
f) um, where the hell did you find that and do they have any more?!
g) its ok, as long as no red leopards were actually killed to make that top.

*The format for this post is totally copying gofugyourself.com

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I react horribly to misquito bites. My grandma did too. I know everyone hates them, but I think I hate them more. I'm still nursing some that I got last Friday. Last night, we were having dinner and I got an itch on my forehead and went to scratch it and killed one of the little fuckers. oh crap, I thought, this is gonna get huge. in an hour it was bigger around than my thumb. To make matters worse, I got one on the other side of my head too. Everywhere around them itched so bad. even my eylids. Trying to scratch your eyelids is weird. I put afterbite and tea tree oil on them to try to stop the swelling/itching, but to no avail. I had John take a picture of me so you could see:

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


There was probably about .02 seconds that went by from the time my eyes saw this to the time that i had it on my leg. The little cap gun works, although it so small its kind of hard to keep balanced while you shoot. John wouldn't let me wear it around town over my jeans. I think he was just jealous.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Rhinestoned, that is.
Sparky is Sparkled.
The Bike is Bedazzled :)

i have to admit, it was hard to stop.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day '08

We've spent a lot of time in Pendleton this summer and every weekend has been a blast. This one was no different. Have you ever driven through Pendleton? These are the cows that you see from the freeway:

John talking to one of the cowboys:

We came to Pendleton to pick up a pair of boots that I ordered a few weeks ago. I fell in love with them in the window, but they didn't have any my size... "Haven't had to get too many small sizes lately.. The girls 'round here are havin' 10 and 11 size feet" (my grandma would've said they were poorly bred) Well, we stopped to try the boots on and then went to shop for a few hours and then go pick them up. John got a new belt buckle:
In our travels, we passed a cute little store with an outside table with a sign "Belts $1.00." I dare any woman to ever walk by that sign. I found three belts. When we went in to pay, we found ourselves in the coolest little western re-sale store ever. I wound up with pink cowgirl boots to match the new belt:
As we were having lunch, (lunch was a roast beef sandwich with sprouts and nice hot horseradish) John asks me "are those press one nails on the buckle?" We investigated closely and they are not. However, this belt will forever be know as the Lee press-on belt.

Parched from shopping, we headed to The Rainbow, a fantastic little bar that has been in business in the same location for 125 years. Its one of the best bars we've ever been to:
On the wall is Bill the Buffalo. The first time we came in here, we felt his omnipresent gaze and dubbed him "Disapproving Buffalo." It seems that every time we're in there, he's very disappointed that we've fallen victim to the booze......

After an afternoon of shopping, exploring, drinks, and some quality time spent at the pool, it was time for dinner. We go to dinner at Hamley's. Its this amazing building in the middle of town and the food is fantastic. I had the best salmon dinner ever. Also, both our dinners came with different kinds of mashed potatoes and they both were worthy of a meal unto themselves. I can't even describe how cool this place is. Everywhere you turn there is some fantastic piece of western history to greet you.
After dinner, we went upstairs to walk through all the cool little extra rooms, perfectly decorated in old western style.... We're pretty sure the room with this chair is haunted...

Also, there is another complete bar upstairs that they use for events.. luckily for our picture taking goals, its not locked.

After dinner, we went back to The Rainbow, where we met up with Red, who I bought my boots from, and with him were Jason and Bill. We had a super fun night until I finally had to lead John, stumbling all the way, back to our cozy littel hotel...

After a delicious start of greasy breakfast, we headed home. It was colder than we had planned and by the time we got back to Portland, we were wet and freezing. This was probably the last trip of the year we get to take with no jackets. But we have gotten lots of very warm miles over the past couple months and couldn't be happier...
And every time I wear these bad boys (um, which is going to be about every day), I will be reminded of one of the best summers that we've ever had.