Monday, September 22, 2008

Caught up

As you may or may not know, I have awesome photo albums. We take lots of pictures, and I put all of our captured adventures into albums so that we can go back and look through them whenever we want! Here's my photo album bookcase (its actually only part of the whole album collection):

This summer has been busier than usual, so I was a little behind on my albums. I was caught up to June. I usually try to make sure that I update at the end of every month. So anyway, for a couple weeks I have been going through the summer's pictures and selecting and editing the ones for the album. I got them printed on Friday (217 of them) and spent the evenings of the weekend getting them all sorted and cut and into albums. YAY! a little part of my OCD is calmed for today..

Let's do this: grab random photo album:

Oh yeah, the covers of my albums are random magazine clippings and sometimes photos all clustered together in whatever is inspiring me on the day I make the cover....
2005 (2). That means is the second album of 2005. Lets open to a random page in the album:

ooh, Molalla Rodeo. good pick. also, a page where I have one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken. Lower right, cowboys waiting their turns... I was hanging sideways through a fence, probably looking pretty ridiculous, to get this pic. the one on the top was my first try, the one on the bottom, i crawled through the fence again, but closer this time :) totally worth it.

I like this random album, random page idea. Do you have photo albums? your turn.

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