Monday, September 15, 2008

Frog Model See Through

I was going to stop by the Dollar Store the other night on the way home to pick up some ribbon and J asked me to pick him up a present while I was there. Now, the dollar store is full of very good presents, but this was the clear winner (so to speak ;)):

Frog Model See Through.... Educational! for Science! as you can see, Frog Model See Through is in fact, see through and is full of candy colored organs! His back is a hatch back, so he can be opened up and those organs removed and studied. For Science! There was also a handy chart on the back so you can learn and recognize these organs!! how handy is that?!

We revelled in the joy of the toy in its package for a few days before we opened it. When we freed Frog Model See Through from his packaging and opened up the hatchback, we discovered that all those organs are not as easily put together as one might envision. That damn central nervous system always falls over! Although, I think its mostly because of a faulty connection between the bladder and the large intestine (which probably is pretty uncomfortable for Frog Model See Through). We're pretty happy with the trade of $1 for this fabulous toy and are thinking that maybe since those organs can't stay in order, we might just remove them all and replace them with M&Ms.
If you're lucky, maybe we'll mail you one of the organs.

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Ms. A said...

So are the organs made of candy? Are they spleen and liver flavored?
I love the dollar store!