Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dance friends are the best friends

I've said many times how grateful I am for the chance to be a part of Vega. There is something special about dance friends. We're typically nice, fun girls who get along with our moms. I'm Facebook friends with many of the girls I grew up dancing with and there's a sisterhood there that we will never lose. I have a very special relationship with my burlesquing buddies, and we will probably still giggle over our shared stories when we're old fancy ladies drinking champagne and talking through some group chat or future hen party technology mechanism. There's also some acquaintances who are dancer I've met only a few times who are friends on Facebook and we share a comradery with our shared backgrounds.  Right now, I also have a fun little group of students and this is my Facebook wall from this morning.

AJ: 1. I am not going to start calling you my personal trainer. Like, "Shannon, my personal trainer, killed my glutes this morning, so I won't be taking the stairs." and/or "My personal trainer, Shannon, said I could have a beer." 2. Morning highs are not as high when it's pissing rain outside. Even still... I am feeling pretty good. 

AP Oh no, she is sooo my personal trainer! I don't know about you, but I'm official addicted to Body Blitz! Love ya Shannon! Lol! :D 

AJ ‎^ addicted to a lot of things that Shan has brought to my life. Also, 

AJ ‎3. Does doing Power June make leg hair grow faster? It seems like yes. :\ 

SS are you just saying that because you noticed mine this morning? if so, thanks for pointing that out. I blame my impending period. 

SS You can call me your personal trainer as long as you say "awesome* personal trainer." and you can totally have a beer. (*may replace "awesome" with "hot" or "funny" but not "hairy legged") 

AJ HAHAHA no I'm just saying that bc I can't keep up with my own oldgrowth forest right now. Should we frenchbraid or what? 

AJ ‎(deal.) 

SS I have always wanted to learn those fishtail braids. maybe while we're stretching... 

SS also, I am awarding myself ten points for "Power June" 

AJ Oh, the fishtail I know. Sisterwives, here we come. "I am going to fishtail braid my awesomely hot personal trainer and my leg hairs together while we are stretching."

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