Friday, July 31, 2009

The Parade

If you ever hear me saying those words, its most likely that I am talking about The Oldtimer's Festival parade back in good ol' Fairview. I have ridden in that parade for more years than not. When we first started, Steph had a big morning getting all the horses ready as we were simply too little to be able to help. But she did it! (this year I think we are 8, 6, and 4)
We live a couple miles from town and so we ride into town before the parade. Almost inevitably, it's roasting hot outside. I remember this year being hot, and that as we were seeking shade next to the hotel, Tank really wanted my milkshake.
A couple years later, Dad debuted the "Blue Carriage." I was on the best horse ever, Buck, being an Indian. That was my favorite. I did that for lots of years.
Fast forward to this year and check out Dad here. This is Barney and Clyde, the Belgians, pulling the amazing wagon that my dad built AND a trailer behind that. Inside is my Dad's class for their 50 year reunion (37 people, I think). I can't really describe the massiveness, it was so impressive.
Here's Dad the night before the parade, if it gives a better scale to the wagon:

(yes, he calls me Shanneen.)
Steph and I aren't as awe-striking as Dad, but here we are as a regular staple in the annual parade.
and since the last pic didn't show it, you should see that me and Bud had matching braids...
After the parade, we ride home, unsaddle the horses, Dad hoses down Barney and Clyde with the pressure washer and we head inside, dusty and sweaty, to have a beer and relax for a few hours before heading out for Festival's Saturday night. ..and the horses do this:

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