Sunday, July 5, 2009

Totally justified.

I drink lots of chocolate milk. like, lots. I buy a gallon jug of chocolate milk and a half gallon jug of white milk and usually the white milk goes bad before its used up. the chocolate milk never does. I've proclaimed to others that its a giant help with diets because it fills you up and satisfies a chocolate craving and a snack craving and while not really light in any way, fills the void of higher empty calorie and fat alternatives. I've also found out that it totally negates its diet help it you have it with a giant handful of Reese's pieces, but that is very delicious. Its my favorite thing to drink after a workout and I know John always tells me to have protein right after a workout and I always feel like I should have water, but I usually end up having chocolate milk. I just saw this and will no longer feel guilty about it!

I'm going to go have some right now.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Now find me something that says it's important to eat cheese with every meal.

Brian said...

Awesome. I totally agree -- chocolate milk is the perfect food. I always have chocolate milk half-way through long runs. It's rad. And the 'staches make you look cool