Monday, November 23, 2009

Sparkle Mary

After I dropped Mama Longstocking off at the airport on Saturday, I hurried home to my wonderful husband and after some hugs and thank yous for being so patient sharing his space and time with wife and mother-in-law for a week, we took off to downtown for a reunion date. We had some pizza and beers and then some wine and while taking a shortcut through Ross, John was stopped in his tracks by the most fabulous donkey riding virgin we had ever seen! $7.99 later, we walked out of the store to start a pictorial adventure with our new friend and savior baby mama, Sparkle Mary:
Not only is her entire skirt bedazzled, she also has rhinestones around her head scarf. This chick is fabulous. Sparkle Mary would have never asked for a room at the Inn, she would've gone straight to the bar and demanded that she have the best room in town (and maybe a shot of tequila) for the birth of this baby. Not that she isn't humble; I mean, we rode the bus.
Then Mary made us stop at the strip club for one more drink before going home. Or so she said, I think she actually had three....
Sticking to her modest roots, she wanted to pay us back for the drinks.
She made enough for a taco snack afterwards too.


Dr. A said...

I love Sparkle Mary!!

Third Waage said...

Freakin' Funny...I'm assuming she'll be going w/ you to the Island for some fun and sun??