Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 09

I figure it's only fair to finish last week's Halloween theme with a follow-up from the actual Hallo-day. We were going to our friends Justin and Kerstin's for a zombie block party. They got the permit to close the street and with their neighbors, made a cool little maze of scary stuff for the kids to go through. Those of us who were zombie volunteers wandered around to scare the little bastards. (I mean, cute, adorable little munchkins, of course) Here I am at the beginning of the night, rising from the dead...
Totally scary.
Here is Zombie Preacher Husband. He likes feet and beer.
mmm. feet.
My favorite thing turned out to be hiding near the candy and as the kids were rounding the corner or concentrating on getting their candy, I'd creep up behind them and say "bbbbrraaaaiiinnnnnnssssssss...." It scared most of them. One of them, obviously fearing for her actual brain kept saying "you don't scare me, you don't scare me..." One, when I made the noise that would simulate me sucking his brain out through his ear, looked at me and said "it's not working, please stop doing that...." and then there were a few (demonstrated below by the defiantly crossed arms of my victim) who insted "um, you're not scary."
oh well, we had the best time ever and I think Justin may have started a tradition... Plan to bring your kids to 52nd and Gladstone next year for the Alien Invasion!!
We better start thinking about it now because the costume ideas are endless.

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Third Waage said...

You guys really go all out every year...