Friday, October 30, 2009

The ghosts of Halloween past

I know that there are people out there, some of them friends of mine, who think that Halloween is kind of dumb and that it's just an excuse for girls to dress up like sluts. (PS: thanks for the reminder, Evie) I totally do that. Sorry dear friends, but we'll likely disagree on some of the things you do for Christmas, so here goes.
2000: Sexy Medusa. Before I figured out that a wig would be easier. It took two hours to get the hair up and an hour to get it down.
2001: Sexy Smurfette.
2002: Sexy Kitty.
2003: Sexy Devil (John was Hank from TurboNegro)
2004: Sexy Skeleton (with my Chrises)
2005: Sexy? I don't know, I must have thrown this together at the last minute (also shown here with Chris)
2006: Superhero party: Thong Girl and Captain Hate!
2007: Sexy space girl. John went as a urinal and had people sign his walls (awesome)
2008: Firecrotch Twins.
2009: ?? I don't know. The plan was to go as Eve, but we'll be outside, so I'll have to adjust for the weather... Sexy flannel?


Dr. A said...

Wow. The Thong Girl costume is very... strategic.

nixonb said...

sexy flannel is totally doable. and if anyone can do it and make it work - it's you.