Monday, October 19, 2009


After a weekend filled of fun and adventure (stories and photos to come later, they have to be pushed back for this very important post) we were on our way home and got a text from the Jens to meet up for beers. As we laughed and giggled and made jokes about Jen's crush on John, the topic steered towards how they met (Jen and Jen, not Jen and John). After we'd heard all about it, it was late and time to go home. We found out today that on their way home, they got engaged. These two rule and are perfect together. Congratulations, girls :)

...and don't even think about taking my trophy.


Dr. A said...

HAA! I never thought of you as a trophy wife before....

... Congrats to the happy couple. May they enjoy a long, adventurous life together.

Jen Hecht said...

Yay!!! And thanks. For being there that night to spontaneously lead us along a nostalgic tour of our relationship, and for everything else. We're lucky Jens.