Sunday, October 4, 2009

The end of an era.......

For as long as I have known him, Nic has been in a band. Ever since the first time I saw him perform, I have tried my darnedest to find my way on stage with him. A couple years ago he gave me my wish when he asked if I wanted to get some friends together and dance with his band. !!!!!!
Since that first wildly successful performance, it has been a regular occurrence that DFive9 has had an entourage of dancing girls.
We called ourselves Spankasaurus Rex.
The rules were that you had to commit to coming to my class to learn the routine and practice with the band once at Mike's house and you had to meet at my house the night of the show to all get ready in my dressing room and drink champagne. Once we got to the theatre, we hung out in the green room and took fun pictures and drank some more champagne and perfected our makeup.
Then when it was finally time, we got to join the band on stage and be rockstars for the most awesome couple minutes...

The friendships and memories that were created on those nights are priceless. My tiny dressing room, crowded with all of us smiley girls, excited about our outfits, fixing each others' hair and makeup, becoming friends, and becoming better friends.... and then getting to the theatre and into the green room, where we shared the anticipation of the stage and finally got to march out there and be those girls. the ones up there dancing.
On Friday night, DFive9 gave its last performance. Nic leaves tomorrow to join his new lovely wife, and my co-Spankasaurus Rex, Miss Kim, in Hawaii. Because she was over there and we were over here, there was no dancing this time. I am truly going to miss this tiny little taste of being a rock star but am so glad that we ever got the chance to do it.

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