Friday, October 16, 2009

We're in the money!

You know the jar that you keep that you throw spare change in and then rummage through for quarters when you don't have bus tickets or need to go wash your car? Well, John has one and I have one and they were both full. I always hate to take them in because it irks me to pay the 10% fee from the machine to count it. It's not the 10% that makes me mad, it's the principle of the whole thing... Back in my day, when I worked at the bank, we did it for free. Anyway, when we were opening our accounts at our new bank (we were Chased away... other old WaMu customers may be able to commiserate..) we noticed a change machine and they didn't charge you to do it!! Like the old days! Hooray! Whatever was in there was going directly into the "fun money" pile to be spent frivolously on booze, snacks, and good times. John guessed there would be less than $100. I guessed more. drum roll please........ we will be having $122.95 worth of free fun!

The best part, I mean besides me being right and John being wrong, was how many pesos it kicked into the rejected coin tray....

oh, then we made this video:

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