Monday, October 12, 2009

Life update

John's cancer is kind of known for its tendency to come back. John's doc was pretty certain he'd gotten it all in surgery, but there was always some fear that there would be a little bit left or that it would grow back anew. The drug he's on is supposed to keep that from happening. He hadn't been scanned since shortly after the surgery and we have been kind of wanting another scan to know what was going on in there and to make sure everything was still good. We trusted that the doc got it all but at his last appointment with the oncologist and with his regular doc they both said that his tumor was such an anomaly because of its size that a) he was really lucky to be alive and b) he would be studied for a long time. It made us just a little nervous as he was scanned a couple weeks ago and we just found out that:

which means we would like you to all do this...