Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Hallows....Eve?

So in preparation for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas holidays, we over here at Strippy Longstocking have been busy making some seasonal bling for boobies everywhere. (I kind of hope when you read that, you picture our living room full of fabric and sequins and rhinestones and an assembly line comprised of me, Pasty Cline, John and Little Black Kitty) As I was working on some Halloween themed ones, I was also thinking about good costumes that one could wear and rock some pasties. When I was struck with the best idea ever, I created these. May I present, Eve:
I totally want to be Eve for Halloween, but am just a little afraid of the weather. Halloween is not always very warm and the party I think we'll be at is outside (and zombie inspired, so I guess I would have to go as Zombie Eve, no big whoop.. she's dead anyway so if she was at a party, she'd probably be a zombie...) anyway, the weather is a big concern, but not the biggest... It's convincing John to go as Adam.

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