Saturday, September 19, 2009

I am very happy to announce....

that John got a job!!!!!!
Not just a job-to-get-by job, but a real one that he's REALLY looking forward to. He is going back to a company that he worked at for four years. He is going back in a completely different capacity but is going to be surrounded by people he likes, working for a company that he believes in, and doing a job that will challenge him and make him learn. It also happens to be downtown, conveniently located across the bridge from Vega.

also, they have kick ass holiday parties.

It was at this time last year (this very weekend, actually) that the first signs showed up that something was wrong with him. Cancer wasn't even on our radar screen yet, but it was the beginning of what it turned out to be. For the last year, we have had more than our share of well, I don't know if I'd say bad luck, but certainly a lack of good luck. It has been a hard year. A really hard year, in a lot of ways. and now, its over. We've worked through a lot of stuff together (and separately) and we are grateful for our friends who have been there for us too. Not that we won't still be susceptible to the occasional bad days that come with simply existing, but I feel like the really hard part is over, and we made it. and we're still holding hands. I am going to stick the SS/JJ flag of victory in the ground right now, look back at last year, flip it the bird and then look forward to what lies ahead. The possibilities are endless.


Brian said...

Wahooty! Fuck you, '09!

Dr. A said...

Congrats! See you at the holiday party!!