Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Kimberly Yannarelemenapeeno,

It's just not as fun to be the Random Tandem when my dress up cohort wants to live in HI, where all there is to wear is grass skirts and coconuts. If you were still here, you'd have this on too and we'd use it as an excuse to go to the bar. We'd the the funny, hot girls. If I do it alone, I'm just that weird girl in the bikini... If I take that picture of you with me and start talking to it at the bar, no one will even sit by me.
PS: Wings are kind of complicated. I wonder how the birds do it?


Kimberly Yannariello said...

a.) you look smokin' in that bikini.

b.) you actually look smokin' in that whole outfit. It's like the grown up version of Punky Brewster. Step aside Soleil Moon Frye.

c.) the only thing you left out is the part where we convince John to get dressed up too and then 5 min. after he does we decide to stay in for the night.

Shannon said...

Funny. almost included in this post was "I convinced JJ to wear my Mad Hatter costume and then we decided to just stay home...."