Thursday, September 17, 2009

Huckleberry Hunting

JJ and I spend quite a bit of couple time with two lovely ladies, Jen and Jen, aka The Jens. Last weekend, John was doing man stuff and I got to join the Jens for a girl day in the woods, picking huckleberries. I had never done it and we had gorgeous weather, fun company and Jen fashioned these cool bucket holsters for us to fill with berries. After spending quite a bit of time picking and thinking about hiking to another area, Jen and I heard "um, you guys, there's this sign here that says this land is reserved for the Native Americans for huckleberry picking...." oops. In our defense, the sign isn't even on the trail and is written in about 8 pt font. So after that, we went for a little hike, picked a few more berries in an area that was not reserved for anyone, I mean as far as we could tell, took turns climbing onto a giant rock and taking pictures of each other and then as with all good outings, ended the trip with a beer.

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Jen Hecht said...

It was a good day.


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