Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 4 - fun!
"Hey Kids, want to listen to "The Stripper" and Other Fun Songs For The Family? Let me get my boa!" Photobucket Day 5 - bird
I had to lay on the Cabo beach for about a half hour with my camera at the ready to get this. Oh, the sacrifices one makes for a desired photo. Photobucket
 Day 6 - you
Today. See also all of my FB :)

Day 7 - someone that inspires you
This charming fellow can simultaneously push me to work harder and make me feel like a champion, and he can do this for a room full of people at the same time. and obviously, he's hilarious. Photobucket Day 8 - a smell you adore
The smell of a thunderstorm passing through the valley. Photobucket Day 9 - something you do every day
Take out my contacts.  

Day 10 - a favorite word Photobucket
 Day 11 - kitchen
The view from our work kitchen. Pretty easy to lose track of what you were doing when you go in to get your sandwich from the fridge. Not pictured: Mt Hood. My camera couldn't even fit the whole view in. Photobucket

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