Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo Challenge: Weekly Recap

Day 12 - something that makes you happy
A perfect Saturday. Laying in the sun with my ipod and a good book after a day of boot camp and a motorcycle ride. (PS: weird how my old broken rib is so much bigger than the non-broken one. I usually don't see it because my boobs obstruct the view)

Day 13 - mom
One of my fave photos of Steph and me. We've been BFFs forever and she is still my favorite girlfriend to shop with. 
Day 14 - grass
Time to mow. The beer weeds are getting tall. Photobucket
Day 15 - love

Day 16 - what you're reading
Well, I started 50 Shades of Grey last week but since it is essentially porn, I don't feel comfortable reading it on the bus, so I switched books for commuting and will finish 50 Shades at home. Normally, I just like to read one at a time.
Day 17 - snack
Chow down, chipmunk. 

Day 18 - something you made
These sweet Derby hats

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