Friday, September 21, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 15 - first thing you see
because without them, I can't see anything else.
Day 16 - strange
...or as it's known in Portland: normal. #keepportlandweird #putabirdonit
Day 17 - in my fridge
I have a degree in Supply and Logistics. The inventory management of my fridge is dialed.
Day 18 - price
This makes me nervous.
Day 19 - underneath
Underneath these healthy, toned bods is where you find each girl's true strength. The discipline and commitment to set a goal and keep pushing toward it results in pride and confidence and the knowledge that you friggin' earned it.
Day 20 - man-made
Before I put on this bra, I often wonder if it should buy me a drink first.
Day 21 - sometimes
Sometimes I accidentally get drunk on Tuesday. Thursday I do it on purpose.

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