Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Last Thursday!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Last Thursday and stopped by my Pasty booth! I hope that you had a fun night and am so glad that you stopped by. I met a bunch of fun, friendly people and got a lot of people looking at me with a little sparkle in their eye after passing the table. I hope that some of them are coming back to check out the Etsy page. Speaking of that, here is the link:

Since this blog is updated regularly with pictures and stories and happenings from my life, this link won't always be right up there. It will, however, be over there on the right so you can always get there from this page. Feel free to check in here on a regular basis ffor my blog posts and you are welcome to read back as far as you are interested to learn more about me.

If you have questions, want to talk about any custom orders or need to make pick-up arrangements outside of Etsy, please email me at

Thanks again for stopping by and I will see you again at next month's Last Thursday!

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