Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo Challenge - Weekly Recap

Day 27 - morning
This morning my dressing room was transformed into a video studio :)
Day 28 - looking back
...from Casey's boat, at our beloved bridge, after Funday.
Day 29 - moon
Morning run by the river. Moon on one side, sun on the other.
Day 30 - clothes
Dance laundry.
Day 31 - whatever you please (that's pretty lame for a photo challenge, imho)
It pleases me to caption this awesome pic of Nic and me every time I see it.
Day 1 - something beginning with 'C'
CUT! Because Crystal Gayle hair is not Cool. I was mortified when I saw my hair was below my waist in the Thriller video and grabbed a handful and chopped it off as soon as I got home.
Day 2 - color
Portland's gray backdrop makes it's fall color change beautiful.

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