Friday, August 14, 2009

And their pasties were green with envy...

Dear Fellow Burlesquers,

Back in the olden times, like, the 30s, my Grandpas had a schwanky nightclub. Some of the stuff from that nightclub ended up in my uncle's basement and sadly, some got ruined. Some is still there though. When we were back home, I asked my uncle if there was anything pin-up girly that I could have. He came back with a frame with broken glass and a dusty poster inside and said that it was from San Francisco in the 20s. He said that she'd been hanging in his room for years and if I took her, I'd have to give her a name. May I present: Foxy Roxy.
PS: that blanket she's sitting on? oh yeah, its made of glitter and is still sparkly.