Thursday, August 20, 2009

BFF Wedding

This is Nic and Kim.
Kim is my best friend.
Nic is John's best friend.
Awesomely enough, our best friends fell in love. Together, the 4 of us have the most fabulous, best times ever. Everybody loves everybody (no, we aren't swingers) and we have been friends through all sorts of things for many years. I know that a friendship like this is super rare. We can hang out and do nothing, we can go out and party, we can talk about important things, we can travel together, it doesn't matter who sits by who, we take turns being the butt of the jokes, everybody hates everybody else's ipod... we're a little family.

oh, and we make wiener jokes...

We love these guys.

and on Saturday, John is going to marry them (to each other, not him getting married both of them). I'm going tell how they met. It's going to be a very special day.
congratulations, you two :)

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