Monday, August 24, 2009

It's going to be like I'm in The Jetsons.

I have always taken tons of pictures. I've carried a camera everywhere since junior high. I was super scared to switch to digital and waited a long time before I did it. I also take great care in putting together my photo albums and keeping track of every picture I've taken. In the basement, I have a shoebox of negatives arranged by month and year and a quick description of what's in each file. When I finally upgraded to digital, I implemented procedures for myself to keep the pictures organized and still upkeep my lovely albums. My albums are amazing. They are well put together and show our whole life. I love them. But I don't go through them very often. But its important to me to keep up with it because taking pictures is a constant reminder to me about how special and fun my little life is. A few years ago, all three of us kids got together and bought my mom a digital frame (Rob's idea) and I gave her a hand-me-down digital camera. The cool thing was that I could send her a card with a ton of pictures that I had for her to play and it was cheap and easy. Since then, she has upgraded the frame and I bought her a new camera (just like mine, for easy tech support :)) and still loves it. I just got my friend Kimberly a digital frame and made her two cards of pics because she is packing up her Portland life and moving to Hawaii. and now, I'm going to do it too. big sigh for life change. I'm going to stop making printed albums. Lately, I have had a hard time finding the photo sheets that I like (everything is scrapbooking, which i am NOT into) and I have so many that I want to print that I have about 4 albums to fill per year. and frankly, I'm running out of room to keep them within easy access (for viewing and emergency fire escaping). So, I'm switching to digital. Next time I run into a little patch of money I'm going to get a nice, big frame (like this or this) and find the perfect house spot for it. Then, joy of joys, I am going to go through every digital photo I have (from May 05) and all of John's (I think he started in 03), and make some cards of our lives to have on constant rotation. I might even scan in some favorites from the age of film to add to the collection. Its a big project, I've learned though doing the others, as I want them to have a nice crop, and to be horizontal so they display correctly, and then resize them all so you can maximize the card space. I'm pretty excited about it :)

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