Monday, August 31, 2009

Dear Wrigley's,

I am a big gum chewer. Like, a pack a day wouldn't be uncommon for me. and I love Extra, its my favorite. But I don't understand why you had to go and switch the packaging. Extra used to come in regular gum packs - small and rectangular, with one row of gum sticks. Now its in this awkward, large rectangular pack with three rows of gum sticks that usually end up all over my purse because they aren't as tightly packed as the old way. Its dumb. If the new, un-user friendly packaging wasn't bad enough, you've also taken to putting really lame, not at all clever sayings on the inside. So instead of just being able to look forward to my delicious gum, now I cringe at what will inevitably be a stupid pun on the inside of the package.
a)it's not even funny and b) really? before I put something in my mouth you want me to think about butts?
I would switch gum if anyone else made something even half as good.


Dr. A said...

Being very familiar with baby bottoms, I can 100% say that is the LAST thing I would want a customer to associate with my product.

Maybe you can design your own cute carrying case.

Oh, and the secret word verification for this post is "undies". That made me laugh.

Shannon said...

ah man, I love good secret word verifications. pure victory.

A2theLCS said...

My fave is the Trident Xtra Care Whitening Kind (blue box is the best flavor) You should try that if you haven't already!