Friday, August 28, 2009

Obervations from the other side of the table

We (meaning Pasty Cline and I) set up our Strippy Longstocking pasty booth at Last Thursday last night. We had a great crowd and sent quite a few people home with pasties! It's always interesting to watch the passers by and those who stop to look. Most people are absolutely delightful and I love to see those that look over their shoulder and raise thier eyebrows or wink at me. Its so cute when couples go through the selection together. I have couples stop all the time and the guy dares the girl to wear them and they giggle. The smartest guys say "I'll buy them if you wear them." Since I've heard these phrases so often, I even have them written on notecards on the table mixed in with the descriptive notecards of the pasty categories. However, not all my observations are positive. I had three couples come up last night where the girl was TOTALLY into them and wanted a pair. One girl had held up three pairs and the guy with her wouldn't even acknowledge what she was doing. She pointed to the "Dare your girlfriend to wear them.." and he just looked at her and looked away. Another couple did almost the same thing and she pointed to the "you buy them and she wears them.. deal?" sign and was ignored. One guy actually looked at each pair his girl held up and she asked him to pick his favorite and she'd get them and wear them that night. He just shrugged and walked away. That poor girl wanted to get them so bad and just needed a nudge of encouragement from him. As she left, she looked over her shoulder at me, wishing I could give her the push that she needed, but she needed it from him. None of these girls was going to wear them to a party or anything, they wanted to wear them for the guys they were with and they got shot down. (PS they're $15, so it wasn't like they were super expensive or anything..) GUYS!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!?! This is your mate making the initiative to do something sexy FOR YOU! something adorable and sexy and fun and unless your crazy Aunt Sally used to wear pasties around the house and you are scarred for life, for goodness sake, encourage it! and I hope that you never ask that girl to hang from her knees on a chandelier or anything to please you, because if she says no, you'll totally deserve it.

On a totally different note, but from the same observation booth, a lot of people think they are pretty clever when they come up to the booth and ask if I'll model the pasties. really? that's the best you can do? I had a guy come up to me last night and tell me I was gorgeous and that I probably had a husband or mate or something but he'd like to just look at me all day. Then he took two steps back and yelled "WHOO." about 5 second later, another guy came up to my table, looked me in the eyes, smiled nicely, handed me a handful of lavender, smiled again and continued walking. I hope guy number one was taking notes.

I can't wait to see what happens next month.

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