Monday, August 24, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Yannariello

Well, we did it. On Saturday, we married our best friends to each other. It was such a special day. I figured I'd probably cry, but I didn't expect to be a flood of tears before it even started. but i was. I think I actually had tears in my eyes for most of the night. It was a perfect wedding and John and I were so happy to be such an important part of the day. Both of us were pleased with the speaking we did and I will forever be happy that I got to share the story of these two people as seen from the teary eyes of John and me.We're the best of friends, us 4. and as happy as I am for them that they are using their brand new marriage to make a big life change, I'm sad for myself to say that they're moving. Moving. The Move has always been something that was coming up, we knew it, but not til after the wedding.
and in 9 days, my best girlfriend ever is going to get on a plane and fly away.
I guess I'm not going to be done with the crying quite yet.

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