Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The reason for the season: Holiday cards!!!!

I love me some holiday cards. More specifically, I love holiday cards that have pictures and letters and that take a ton of time to create, but are so wonderful to receive. I take the time to do it and am giddy with excitement when one lands in my mailbox. I also love it when we go to someone's house at a time other than Christmas and there we are, stuck to the fridge! It actually happens quite a bit and so I try to make sure that we are fridge-worthy every year. I am printing off the letters today and ordered the cards last night. This was an easy year for the picture, because as soon as we saw it, we looked at each other and said "Christmas card." Not to say that we didn't have other pictures we could have used.....

Watch your mailbox!!!
PS: If you are one of my internet friends who hasn't received a card in the past, but would like one, shoot me an email or a facebook or something with your address!)


John Judy said...

hmmm... I see a theme

Jen Hecht said...

Tongues much?

I'm a fan of the last one, not just because I took it, but I took it AND it's priceless.