Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thursday is my day with no obligations. I don't let myself go to the studio at night just because John will be at the gym. I only have one workout to do on Thursdays and I can do whatever I want. Today, it was a long, relaxing jog around Mt. Tabor in two combined routes. It was fun. I have some things on my "soon" list that I want to do, but they are kind of waiting for the job thing to happen to kick them into motion. I have some good irons in the fire, job-wise, and am focusing my energy towards them and am hopeful that one post in the near future will get to be broadcasting something I am very excited about. But until then I feel like I'm on hold a little. It's OK, and I've certainly had time to go through everything in my life and evaluate it and am pleased to say that I don't have anything that really needs changing (aside from the job status). I've actually come to appreciate these obligation-free Thursdays and this afternoon, I got a cup of coffee and looked on the intertubes for a while, then cleaned the house. Another thing about Thursdays is that diet or no diet, if I want a beer, I'm going to have a beer. I'm having one now :) Husband worked until after midnight last night and was right back in the office today and according to his Facebook status (the only way I've talked to him today), he was busy all day. Now he's at the gym with Trainer. I assume he will come home tired. One of the things he said about me when we first got together was that he loved to come to my apartment because as soon as he walked in, he breathed a sigh of relief and felt his blood pressure drop. The fish, and the inevitably clean house, and the typically calm feeling of my life. So tonight when he comes home, the house is clean, his lunch for tomorrow is fixed, a bottle of wine is open, candles are lit and everything is peaceful.


John Judy said...

best wife ever. Can I take you out this weekend?

Kimberly Yannariello said...

Dude, you deserve that trophy fair and square.