Monday, March 19, 2012

Game Time!

I was tagged by the lovely Jill, and I like games!
Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.

1. I have never eaten meatloaf.
2. My mom and I still trade clothes and shoes. Some of the items we've been sharing for 20 years.
3. I get a big thrill out of going to Vega in the morning to work out in the studio by myself and looking out at the city as the sun rises.
4. In my adult life, I've never had a place with a dishwasher.
5. I make all of the decor in my fishtanks with plants from the dollar store, rocks (or plastic rocks) and elastic.
6. I've have really good willpower.
7. I love going out for a 4-6 mile run by myself. I have no interest in running a marathon or any group run.
8. I hate yardwork.
9. I think that plugging my ipod into the big speakers and cleaning the house is a blast.
10. Once upon a time, the keyboard player form Confederate Railroad asked me to come on tour and be his groupie girlfriend.
11. My favorite movie is Hot Tub Time Machine. It's beat all of the classics that I've loved for so many years.

1.What is your favorite day of the week?
Saturday! Saturday is the day that most adventures happen.
2.If you could pick an actress to play you in a movie of your life who would it be?
Jennifer Garner. I love her.
3.What did you want to be when you were a child?
First a football player, then a truck driver.
4. What is your favorite book and why?
Imajica by Clive Barker. When John and I first met, he let me borrow his copy of this book. It was cool to read a favorite of this person I immediately loved. When I got to the end, I rationed pages to make it last as long as possible. I never did give John his copy back, but I replaced it with an autographed one.
6.Would you rather have your flight delayed or lose your luggage?
Well, I make it a rule to never check luggage so the latter does not happen! If I was going somewhere that I had to check luggage, my guess it would be a pretty long trip so the stuff I was taking would be important. Then I would pick a flight delay. See you in the bar.
7.What celebrity do you want to meet most?
That's a hard one. I think it would just be awkward and uncomfortable to meet a celebrity. I wasn't even cool when I ran into one of the contestants from SYTYCD.  If this is strictly for a photo opp, I'm going to pick someone awesomely recognizable, like David Hasselhoff.
8.What is your favorite tv show?
Probably Parks and Rec.
9.What’s one thing from your bucket list that you want to do next?
I don't really have a bucket list, but something I want to do in the next 5 years or so is a motorcycle trip through the South.
10.Who is your hero?
you are.
11.If you had the chance to go back to high school, Would you?
oh hell no. Every time I encounter a teenager I am grateful that my time there is over.

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Yay!thanks for playing :)