Friday, March 30, 2012

March Photo Challenge: Weekly recap

Day 24 - an animal
This is Bud. He lives at my folks' place and lets me ride him in the parade every year.
Day 25 - breakfast
I added spinach and cheese and salsa and hot sauce as I scrambled these. John had the genius idea to top them with leftover guacamole. yum.
Day 26 - key
yes, I pay $5 to have a key with rhinestones on it.
Day 27 - your name
In case you were wondering which desk is mine.
Day 28 - trash
It's always cool to see what you run into in the depths of the forest while out mushroom hunting. I wonder how many winters this can has been through?
Day 29 - feet
These guys have taken me running hundreds of miles, spent years in the dance studio learning to tap, go en pointe and dance in heels. They've leapt and turned and pointed their toes countless times. They ran barefoot around the farm growing up and once lost a toenail to an unfortunate collision with a hoof. They've had blisters and calluses and pains from overuse. They put up with straps and heels and they never let me down. Thank you, feet.

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