Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo Challenge: Weekly recap

Day 10 - loud:
Loud pipes save lives.

Day 11 - Someone you talked to today:
Pickles helped me rearrange my closets today. We talked about her favorite purple mouse that was hidden in one closet and she rubbed against my shoes and mewed in the other. A pleasant exchange.

Day 12 - fork:
Forked horns.

Day 13 - a sign:
John and I used to laugh every time we drove through Warm Springs and saw this constantly vandalized sign. Now we laugh because they finally gave up and took it down.

Day 14 - clouds:
The road from North Dakota to South Dakota is about as straight as it gets. And simple and quiet and vast and endlessly tranquil when seen from the back of the bike on a hot summer day.

Day 15 - car:
Meth Truck. You have never seen more anti-meth messages than when traveling through MT. Although it's funnier to think that this is actually the truck that belongs to the local drug dealer and he's simply advertising.

Day 16 - sunglasses:
2 cool 4 school

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