Friday, April 6, 2012

Photo Challenge: Weekly recap

Day 30 - toy
Pickles' favorite color is purple. It's hilariously true and since our first idea that she had a preference, we've done all we can to prove it. These purple sparkle balls have become the clear winner of the toy collection and we find them under every piece of furniture in the house. If you rescue one and hold it up for her, she is captivated until you give in and drop it. She will not give the same attention to a green one.
Day 31 - where you relax
I am not a very good relaxer. But if I'm a couple hundred miles from home, on the back of the bike, temp about 90 degrees and the only goal is putting miles of road under the tires...i cant take it pretty easy.
Day 1 - your reflection
yes, this is in the bathroom because I just read the April list as I was waiting for the show to start. 'The show' being something that I had students and teammates in. The reflection will not be just these awesome tights in the theatre mirror, but that being a teacher and having students is simply unbeatable. I am so proud when I see them on stage and can pinpoint the tiny little trait that makes every one of them the best dancer out there. goddam, I'm lucky to have dance in my life.
Day 2 - color
Primary colors: red, yellow, blue, dinosaur
Day 3 - mail
A birthday package with a present from my mom and a present from my niece.
Day 4 - someone who makes you happy
This one seems kind of obvious.

*The blurriness is from the laughing which I think makes the photo better than if it was in focus. its f*ing art, dudes.
Day 5 - tiny
Dear Baby Ahzi, This is a scale from your predecessor. You're not the monster you think you are quite yet.

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