Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Challenge: Weekly recap

Day 6 - lunch

Day 7 - shadow
Barney and Clyde. ah, home sweet home.

Day 8 - inside your wallet
My silver glitter wallet contains:
FM card, health insurance card, 2 coffee cards, VS gift card (thanks John!), emergency bus pass, ODL, Tripwire gift card, debit card, biz cards for Vega, Tripwire, and one with a super hot pic of me for fun, car insurance, a printout of the photo challenge, and this $5 I just found on the sidewalk when taking out the recycling. (what do you know, it DOES pay to recycle!)
Day 9 - younger you
Cowgirl hat, tube top, fringe vest, braids and sharing my milkshake with a horse. pretty much just like now.
Day 10 - cold
The coldest beer in town is a Hamm's in a frosty mug at Saraveza

Day 11 - Where you ate breakfast
Coffee and a scone at Common Grounds on a rainy Wednesday morning.

Day 12 - stairs
Something about a twirly staircase makes everything extra fancy.

Day 13 - something you found
These beautiful, delicious morels. and we will be out seeking their cousins in about a month.

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