Thursday, May 13, 2010

5 whole things?!?!?!

I have been feeling down in the dumps about the 'ol bod recently. I know that I'm getting older and I know that I'm in amazing shape and I know that I look good. but I wish I looked a little better. I wish I was a little thinner. Just a little. However, to deny myself a cookie when I want a cookie, or ice cream when I want ice cream, or beers on the weekend would be taking away a certain level of joy that I would regret if I died tomorrow. I'm totally healthy, I eat very well and take good care of myself. I don't always give myself enough rest days from working out, but other than that, I'm good. My build doesn't leave me much room to carry weight without looking like an underwear advertisement. And by that, I don't mean Victoria's Secret, I mean the apple from the Fruit of the Loom. My arms and shoulders are thick. Strong, yes, but easily huge if I put on any pounds. So anyway, the point of this post is not that. I feel like lots of us spend a lot of time doing that to ourselves (guys and girls. but girls, we are brutal on ourselves) My favorite fashion blogger posted something yesterday that linked to a challenge that called us all out to list five things that we love about our body. So for my own reminding, I'm doing it.

my legs
my hips
my butt
my back
my hair (does that count?)

and if I stand just right, it all looks pretty good :)

Even if you don't blog it, if you are reading this, you should list your five favorite things about your body too.

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