Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer starts here.

We had what we consider the official start to our summer. In the next few months our weekends will be packed with adventure. We start with mushroom hunting, which will evolve into and potentially overlap with some fishing with John's family, will will evolve into and definitely overlap with motorcycle trips throughout the summer. We went down to Prineville this weekend to do the first mushroom hunt and while we got totally skunked on the mushroom front, we had an awesome road trip on Saturday morning and landed in our super secret spots in the woods....
We walked around to our previously discovered "good spots" and tromped through the forest enjoying the smells and beauty that surrounded us.

The weather was so nice and we worked up a bit of a sweat as we tried so hard to find that first little mushroom of the season so that we could walkie-talkie to the other one"FIRST!" but alas, no shrooms....
but bliss, nonetheless :)

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