Tuesday, May 4, 2010

to love, honor, and be the butt of your jokes, til death do us part.

On Saturday, we picked up JJ's wedding ring, which was in the shop being re-sized after nearly being lost in the Hawaiian seas. Since we were downtown, we stopped by the Brasserie for a beer and burger and then decided to venture back to our neck of the woods since on Sunday, JJ was going to be performing a wedding. However, we got off the bus a few blocks early and stopped by our friendly local strip club for a whiskey before heading home. About 7 drinks later, we stumbled back to our house... We have to claim that since the bride and groom weren't having a bachelor party, it was our duty to do it for them. The next morning we were laying in bed and looking at John's ring and I remarked how shiny it was. he said " Shinier and slightly smaller, now if I could just do the same with my wife." Oh no you didn't! Needless to say, the joke has become a staple in our conversations for the past few days :)

We went out for breakfast and then came home to get ready for the wedding, stopped by our new favorite neighborhood restaurant for a snack and a beer and then headed over to a tent in SW where John done got 'em hitched! We shamelessly admit to going right back to the restaurant and having dinner and two more beers before heading home :)
Shinier and slightly smaller. hmmph, good luck :)

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John Judy said...

To be fair, the door was wide open. I had to walk in.