Monday, May 10, 2010


The sun came out this weekend! and it was warm and wonderful! We did our best to take full advantage of it. We woke up Saturday morning and had a great run to Mt. Tabor and then down to the coffee shop to decide what the rest of the day would bring. The verdict: motorcycle. We went home and I laid in the backyard while John shined up the bike and then we hit the road. We stopped for lunch and then went to Sauvie Island. Something you should know: When it's nice out, we immediately hop on the bike, but if you go out on the highway and go over 40 mph, you get cold pretty fast. So while some of our early season rides seem wimpy, it's because in order to actually enjoy the warm weather, we keep the speed down so we end up staying pretty close to home. and when we stopped, it was super warm and we hung out in it for a while...

bugs and birds were everywhere!
ah.... spring. please stay.

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