Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Years ago, JJ and I were hanging out at a bar (go figure) and found ourselves smitten by one of the pieces hanging on the wall and we asked about it. If you are a reader who isn't from an area where they do this, often bars and coffee shops have local artists hang their pieces for a month or so and they can sell it. If you buy one of the pieces, they mark it as sold and you get to pick it up after the timeframe of the display is over. We learned all about this as that day we purchased our very first piece of "bar art." That piece hangs in our bathroom and is still something we both love. Since then, we've purchased pieces here and there and we found ourselves drawn (pun intended) to a local artist, Brenda Dunn. She does these adorable pinups and we first purchased a girl in a martini glass, then a black sketched headshot of a gorgeous gal with beautiful hair (and boobies!). We also have a few of her magnets on our fridge (thanks Trish!) A couple months ago, hanging out at the observatory, we got our third piece and we just got to bring it home last weekend. She is "the girl from Seville"
Awesomely enough, the waitress told use the the artist was sitting at the end of the bar when we left, so we got to stop and meet her. I'm glad we were dressed cute for the introduction, because I secretly want her to do one of me :)

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