Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fashion Friday

I love me some animal print! and I love to make it not match. Sometimes I pair an animal print with polks dots, and I love it with red or hot pink. On this day, I chose a leopard belt, shoes, and scarf, and with a black shirt (or red one!) it would have been super snazzy. Sharp, my grandma would've said. But I have been wanting to wear this tiger shirt for a while. It's an old one of my mom's (go figure) and is super soft and comfy. It also has a cool strappy back. Someday I think I'll do a post for an office to evening conversion and this shirt would be a cool piece of that: wear it correctly in the office, maybe with a blazer, and then turn it around, ditch the blazer and put on some awesome earrings for a night out! Since it doesn't have a full back, and it's not quite time to bust out summer wear in the office, I wore a sheer, short sleeved top over it. But by the time I got home and to the grocery store and then back home again, it had long since found it's way to my bag so it is not pictured :)

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