Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fashion Friday

I realize that I wear short skirts and tights almost exclusively (except for Fridays when I rock my dearly beloved jeans) and I was going to post a pants outfit these week. I've actually worn pants every day but one this week! But here's the deal: Monday and Wednesday I teach dance so I change into my dance clothes at work. That means if I want to do an outfit photo, I have to go do it during the day (that's a lot of work and potential weirdness-however, I might attempt it in the summer) or do it before work (like there's time). So, outfit photos have to land on Tuesday of Thursday. Because I am a planner, I take Tuesday shots every week in case something weird happens on Thursday. This week, I ended up being unintentionally super cute on Monday and had time in the morning(!) for JJ to take a picture of me at the bus stop (ba-bam!). However, when I looked at the picture, I had scrunchy eye morning face, and my bra strap showed, and my pants hung low enough that the top of my panties showed (story of my life, btw. this chick gots no hips) So anyway, Tuesday picture it is. The skirt is a repeat offender on Fashion Friday and probably my very favorite skirt that I own. It's randomly constructed with one pocket, a slit,buttons and a zipper, and pleats in the back. It's also a size 9. I'm usually a 5 and sometimes a 7, so I imagine any real size 9 who tried it on found it to be wayyy short. Hence my scoring it at Goodwill, but I digress... The rest of this outfit is also full of favorites. Red Tank Top: built in bra (although I doubled with real bra for work) and awesome fabric and cute little cleavage detail (If I could get my act together for good pictures, I'd show you). Green sweater with striped cuffs and hood (not shown. but awesome). I think this is my favorite sweater. I have come to love deep V's because they give room for additional shirt flair and I find them flattering to my linebacker-shouldered frame. Brown tights. Brown fake Fryes (love). and giant red, super light, earrings (love). Oh, and standard issue brown cowgirl belt (my name is on the back in case you can't guess) with old school Hesston buckle (that's a whole blog post in itself...stay tuned). I love this outfit. I'll wear it (and variations of it) again, inevitably.
I'm kind of upset about my ability to take good photos for this project. My goal was to use it as a tool to get better at tripod photos, and I'm realizing how hard that is. At the time of day I take these (sometimes with rain, sometimes sun, sometimes both), it's really hard to find the right place where both the tripod and I work. and then I have to look cute and thin, which is another matter entirely :) Trial and error, I learn something every week.


Kimberly Yannariello said...

This could be one of my favorites. I like!!

Jen Hecht said...

Holy short skirt!