Friday, April 9, 2010

Cute anecdote of the day

Every morning before work, I get up early and do 2 of the Jillian Michael 30 day shred workouts. Every morning, Little Black Kitty comes to lay on the floor where I am working out to supervise. When I lay down for situps, she comes over and does her cute little noiseless meow and reaches her paw out to pet me. I love that a cat that used to run away from us when we were 15 feet away now lays on the floor 2 feet from where I am doing my jumping jacks, completely unafraid. This morning, I was doing walk-out push ups. You touch your toes, walk your hands out into a plank, do a push up, and walk back. LBK was laying near where my hands landed and every time I walked out and placed my hand by her, she put her paw on top of it. ah, kitty love.

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EvieG said...

Ahhhh! Love kitties. I miss that.