Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fashion Friday

This week I knew the weather was going to be kind of crappy on Tuesday and wanted a good rainy day outfit. I picked blue and gray as my theme. I wish it would have been warm enough to do my photo outside because I would have liked the tights to show up more opaque, like they look in real life. They are a grayish blue and I like that they didn't match the gray or blue main pieces, but blended with both. The skort (ha ha, skort :)) is one I talked about before, but I think this is the first time I've had it in a photo. I love how long that I've loved it :) Also purchased back in my "new to Portland" days are these kick ass blue shoes. I remember buying them for $10 in Marshalls and being thrilled about them. The shirt is a little gem from Express that I picked up at goodwill and apparently it makes my boobs look huge! (PS: I think that's the camera angle, because I didn't feel that boobalicious all day...) The necklace is one of my mom's from the 70's. A note about the small hoops.. I love to wear big earrings every day but If I rock too many big ones in a row, my right ear objects and then I can't wear any earrings at all! To help combat that, i'm trying to do every other day with big earrings/little earrings... These hoops are my go-to little earrings and I do love them. To finish the outfit, I added Amy's bracelet, a silver flower barrette, and a blue scarf (and by scarf I mean the end of a piece of fabric I once used to make curtains... all my scarves have awesome origins :))

Bonus: I felt like a business-y Dallas Cowgirl.

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