Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is the latest little show from the magic that is my Tease and Tone class. I love these girls and this class. I see some girls that are becoming new regulars and it makes me happy to watch them get better and more confident and start to talk more to the people around them and to me. and I love my die hard regulars who just roll with the punches and do whatever I say with determination and trust and also let me make jokes at their expense. Here are my favorite things about this particular video:
1. One of my favorite little dancers who had to stop coming because of a class conflict is back. When she came to class, I joked that the old dance sweatshirt I was wearing was as old as she is. She responded with "I'm 20 now!" I got the shirt at competition in 1990.
2. Anne-Marie was wearing the cutest outfit (she always wears a skirt and yesterday, she busted out some short shorts!) with purple tie legwarmers. She does a little strut into the video at the end to show off.
3. John's comment on YouTube: "your red and black crew should accompany you EVERYWHERE!" I totally agree.
and without further ado... Here we are dancing to "If Tha Mood" by Esthero

PS: If it is cut off (I don't know why that recently started happening, but you should see the whole thing because Carrie over there is pretty cute...) go here.

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